CD Product Activation Terms and Conditions

  • CD-ROM distributed software products can be installed only in computers with a built-in CD-ROM drive. A networked CD-ROM drive cannot be used for installation.

  • This product requires online or email activation when performing an installation. Online activation requires an internet connection. Customer must agree to comply with the product license activation and verification procedure described in the License Activation information page.

  • Four (4) new activations are allowed for single-user license products. Penzar Development activation policy allows multiple reactivations on the same computer.

  • The registered user may request additional new activations after the initial activations. Additional activations must be requested by email. A maximum of two additional new activations are allowed in any twelve months period.

  • Activation service will be available while the product remains active for up to seven years. After seven years, a newer version replacement product must be purchased.

  • This product cannot be returned after the product has been activated.

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.