TopSpice 8 Online Activation Change Notice
(versions 8.60 thru 8.74)

The TopSpice 8 product online activation service has been changed. The previous online activation service has been discontinued effective August 1, 2018 because of possible conflicts with recently enacted European Union data security and privacy regulations.

The new online activation service uses the system default web browser to request an activation code from the server instead of directly contacting the server. The user has full control of the process. This method also eliminates the issue of any system firewalls blocking access to the server which could happen with the old service.

This change does not affect the operation of an existing installation.

If you have a TopSpice 8 product with version number between 8.60 and 8.74 (the first three digits of the serial number represent the product version), you have the following options for performing a new installation activation:

  1. Use the "Email Activation" option.

  2. You can request a free replacement for the latest version of the "TopSpice 8 ESD" product with the new online activation service if you meet the following qualifications:

    • The TopSpice 8 product was purchased between January 1, 2018 and June 30, 2018.
    • Your product version number is between 8.70 and 8.74 (the first three digits of the serial number are between 870 and 874).
    • You are the original purchaser or registered user of the TopSpice 8 product.

    To request the replacement product, please complete the online request form here:

    TopSpice 8.7 Replacement Request Form

    or email the request to Penzar Development customer support (the message must include the product serial number, user's full name, company name if applicable and mailing address).

    The replacement product will have a new serial number. The old product serial number will be invalidated (you can keep using any existing installations with the old serial number). The replacement is available only as a download. If you have a CD product, you will not be able to use the CD for new installations after receiving the replacement.

    The free replacement offer expires on December 31, 2018.

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