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Demo Software For Windows XP/7/8/10

  • TopSpice 8 Demo version 8.79a [ts879Ademosetup.exe] (24MB, 2019-4-16)

    To install the product, either run or open from Windows Explorer the downloaded ts879Ademosetup.exe file in your computer and follow the setup program screen prompts.

    Do not run the installation setup file directly from this webpage.


Simulator limits: number of nodes 64; number of top level transistors and subcircuits 20; number of subcircuit transistors 20; total number of top level components 30 (excluding resistors and capacitors); number of subcircuit definitions (macromodels) 15; maximum data memory usage 10MB.

Schematic Editor limits: schematic files with more than 3 pages cannot be created but they can be viewed and edited.

Post-processor plot limits: maximum number of simulated data points per trace 32,000.

The demo model library only includes the device models needed to run the demo example files (they are found under Help).

The manuals cannot be printed (they are found under Help).

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