Product User Registration Form

To register as the end user of a Penzar Development product, please complete the following form:
Product Name and Version:
Product Serial Number:
User's Full Name*(see note below):
Company (if applicable):
Company is software Licensee (owner) (check if applicable):
Email (if you want to receive a confirmation or reply):
Alternate Contact (telephone or other email):
Comment (do not use for support requests):

Items in bold are required information needed to process your request.

*One registered user per serial number allowed. User name must be end user person's full name. We can accept registration under an individual's name only (company, department or job title names are not acceptable). Support and updates provided only to the registered individual. If this product is already registered to a different user, you must provide the previous registered user's name in the "Comment" box. You will be the new registered user and the previous registered user will be removed if there are no objections.